Create Exquisite Art Keepsakes from Children's Scribbles and Finger Paintings

Artful Keepsakes

Starting at $155 with $50 Redeemable Deposit

Transform your child's art into a timeless masterpiece! 🎨

Transform your child's scribbles and finger paintings into exquisite, high-quality abstract fine art keepsakes that capture their creative spirit for a lifetime. And just in time for the holidays!

Are you sitting on a goldmine of your little one's artistic endeavors? Don't let those precious scribbles and finger paintings gather dust! With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to turn them into heartwarming keepsakes that make for unforgettable gifts. Our professional graphic artists are standing by to craft three unique and captivating abstract designs that encapsulate the essence of your child's early years.

🎁 Imagine the joy on your family's faces when they unwrap these extraordinary pieces during the holiday season. Display them in your home or gift them to grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Let the memories of your child's adorable artistry warm your hearts all year long.

Check out some of the awesome artwork created from baby and toddler finger paintings and get inspired!

Here's how it works

  1. 1Upload photos of your child's artwork..
  2. 2Pay $50 deposit to kickstart the art transformation.
  3. 3Our artists turn your childs finger paintings into three fine art designs.
  4. 4Receive artwork design proofs in 5-7 days for your approval.
  5. 5Choose one or all three to have printed on premium canvas, prices starting at $155, deposit credited back. Canvas pricing list.
  6. 6Hang your child's art and cherish it forever.
  7. 7Your child's art is resold to benefit children's charities.

Elevate your child's artistic expression into a lasting family treasure with our art transformation service. Get started with a simple $50 deposit before November ends. With your initial purchase, embrace the chance to gift your family something extraordinary: a second premium print of equal size at with a 10% discount—perfect for grandparents or other loved ones. Ensure both prints arrive in time for Christmas, allowing you to present a sentimental surprise that will enhance the holiday spirit. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to make your child’s creativity a central part of this year’s family festivities. Act now to capture their art in a form that will be adored for years to come!


Sample Art From Children's Finger Paintings

Each parent gets a set of three uniuqe designs made from their childrens art to select from. Choose one or all three to have them streched onto a 3.5 cm canvas wooden frame or choose rolled canvas and have framed yourself as these parents have done below.

Our Expertise

At Jellybeanstreet, our team of highly skilled and experienced graphic artists are dedicated to transforming your child's precious artwork into exquisite fine art keepsakes. With years of artistic training and a passion for capturing the essence of childhood creativity, our artists bring a wealth of expertise to your child's project.

Each artist on our team holds a degree in fine arts and has undergone specialized training in digital design and creative illustration. Their portfolios showcase a diverse range of artistic styles and accomplishments, from exhibitions to collaborations with renowned galleries.

Rest assured that your child's artwork is in the hands of professionals who understand the importance of preserving childhood memories while adding a touch of artistic brilliance. Our artists' expertise ensures that every stroke of color and every imaginative creation is transformed into a captivating and timeless masterpiece.

Explore our gallery of creativity! Dive into the world of imagination with sample artwork meticulously crafted by our talented graphic artists, using children's finger paintings and playful scribbles as inspiration.

Curious to see their magic in action? Feel free to download our captivating sample artwork and witness the transformation firsthand.


And once again, thank you sooooo much for your help and to your wonderful, talented graphic artists ❤ You were so lovely to work with 🤗, and I really appreciate you taking the time explaining the scribbles and paintings within the designs. I am so thrilled with the final artwork and love them so much, I can't wait to showcase these beautiful masterpieces to my boys 😍😍😍😍 Thank you!
~ Jasmine

Seeing our child's imaginative artwork come to life through the skill of the graphic artists is truly awe-inspiring! 🎨✨ They've taken simple scribbles and turned them into a masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates our child's essence. ✍️🌟 It's like capturing a piece of their childhood magic! 🧒🎈
~ Simone

1. Enter Artist Details

Introduce the world to your child's artistic brilliance! A brief profile makes it a breeze for loved ones to discover and admire their one-of-a-kind creations. Feel free to get creative with their name, whether it be a nickname or a fun alias, and let their artistic journey take center stage.

If you want to create one piece of combined artwork from two or more children, enter their name and ages separated by comas, otherwise add each child separately.

Bring your child's personality to life and showcase their unique story! Share a touching bio, capturing their humor or highlighting their triumphs and challenges. This personal touch will accompany their artwork online, letting everyone know what makes your little artist truly special. And don't worry, you can always update or revise their profile at any time.
2. Describe Your Taste

Help us bring your vision to life! We're eager to learn about your personal taste in art, so we can craft a print that's tailored just for you. Do you adore bold hues or prefer soft, warm tones? Do intricate designs or clean minimalism catch your eye? Are there specific colors that you adore or would like to steer away from? Are you searching for the perfect art piece that perfectly complements a particular room in your home? Let us know and we'll make it happen!

Feel free to skip this section if you trust in their expertise to bring your vision to life.
3. Choose A Charity

Empower your little one to make a difference! Select a charity close to your heart and watch their creativity come to life. Their artwork will be proudly showcased in our public gallery, where 60% of profits from re-sales will be generously donated to the chosen cause. Don't worry if you're unsure, you can always make your decision at a later time.

4. Send Us Your Child's Art

How do you want to send us your child's art. You can upload it, email it or post it.

Capture your child's creativity with ease! Snap one or several photos of their scribbles or finger paintings (up to 5 images), or use a scanner if available. Ensure a clear shot by placing the artwork on a flat surface in a well-lit room. Want to ensure the best quality? Use a tripod and set a timer to avoid camera shake.

For tips on how to photograph your child's artwork visit Capturing Creativity

Note: We only accept JPEG images and ensure that all files are under 40 MB. If you encounter any difficulties during the uploading process, simply choose the option to send your files via email for a hassle-free experience.

  Own it now, pay later
Deposit: $50.00
Your $50 deposit is credited back on final canvas purchase. Canvas prints must be ordered within 1 week after receiving your designs to reclaim your deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do you offer in your custom-made artwork service?

We offer a custom-made artwork service where we transform your child's scribbles and finger paintings into exquisite, high-quality abstract fine art keepsakes. Our professional graphic artists create three unique and captivating abstract designs that capture the essence of your child's early years.

Q2: How do you transform my child's scribbles and finger paintings into fine art keepsakes?

Our talented graphic artists carefully craft your child's scribbles and finger paintings into captivating abstract designs. Each stroke of color and imaginative creation is transformed to create beautiful artwork keepsakes that reflect your child's creativity and can be cherished for a lifetime.

Q3: Can you tell me more about the graphic design process?

After you place your order and provide us with your child's artwork, our skilled graphic artists begin the design process. They use their expertise to create three unique and captivating abstract designs based on the artwork you provide. We take great care to ensure the final designs truly represent your child's artistic expression.

Q4: What happens after I place my order and send you my child's artwork?

Once you place your order and send us your child's artwork, our graphic artists will start working on their designs. We handle your child's artwork with the utmost respect and professionalism throughout the entire process, ensuring that it remains safe and secure.

Q5: How do I review the designs you create?

After the designs are completed, we will provide you with a link to a private online gallery. You can view and review the artwork designs in the gallery, allowing you to carefully examine them and ensure they meet your expectations. We value your input and want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Q6: When do I select my canvas print sizes?

Once you've reviewed your three design proofs, you can choose to print one, two, or all three on canvas, either rolled or stretched. Rolled canvases are delivered in a tube, allowing you the freedom to frame as you wish. We offer various canvas sizes to ensure the right fit for your space. Your initial deposit will be credited towards your final purchase.

Q7: How do I send my child's artwork to you?

Sending your child's artwork is easy! Simply scan or photograph their artwork and email it to [Email]. Please remember to include your order number in the email. Alternatively, you can send the physical copies of the artwork. You will be provided an address upon completion of your order.

Q8: What is the cost of the custom-made artwork?

Our custom artwork, usually priced at $160, is now available for just $50. This amount will be credited back to you upon canvas size selection..

Q9: Can I choose to have the artwork framed myself?

Absolutely! If you prefer to have control over the framing process, you can choose the rolled canvas option. This allows you to select your own framing style and size that best suits your preferences and complements your home decor.

Q10: How does the resale of the artwork support children's charities?

At Jellybeanstreet, we are committed to giving back to children in need. When we resell the artwork created from children's finger paintings on our public online gallery, 60% of the resale proceeds are donated to a children's charity of your choice. Your child's artwork becomes a cherished keepsake that also contributes to making a positive impact on the lives of other children.

Q11: What type of art do you accept?

We gladly accept all types of finger paintings and scribbles created by children. Whether it's bold strokes of color or playful doodles, we can transform them into beautiful abstract designs.

Q12: What if the size I want is not listed?

If the size you desire is not listed, we also offer custom sizes. Please contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you in organizing a quote for a custom size that fits your specific requirements.

Q13: What if there are stains on my child's artwork?

There's no need to worry about stains on your child's artwork. As part of our process, we carefully clean up the artwork before we begin creating the designs. Our professional graphic artists ensure that the final artwork is of the highest quality, free from any imperfections or stains.

Q14: What if I don't have a scanner or camera?

No problem at all! If you don't have access to a scanner or camera, you can simply send the physical copies of the artwork to our P.O. Box 1234. We will take care of scanning them for you and return the originals along with your printed artwork. Just make sure to include your order details and contact information when sending the artwork.

Q15: I have a coupon, how do I use it?

At checkout, if you have a coupon for a discount, you can enter it in the designated coupon code field. Apply the coupon during the checkout process to avail the discount.

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