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Make money hosting children's finger painting workshops while helping support children's charities
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Host as social finger painting workshops for children. Decide when and where you want to run your workshops.

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Hosting workshops is fun and easy. All training provided to get your business started.


Get paid for all ticket sales and artwork sales, with a portion of re-sale donated to children's charities


About Jellybeanstreet

Start a business that helps make a difference in the lives of children. Jellybeanstreet is Australia’s number one children’s social art business turning finger paintings into stunning pieces of fine art in support of children’s charities. Jellybeanstreet host fun children’s artwork workshops at local venues designed for children to make a mess and be creative. Our team of graphic artists then turn their innocent finger paintings into high quality modern art that is sold in our exclusive online gallery to raise money for children's charities.

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Our team is made up of a creative network of mothers who support each other through family and business. Jellybeanstreet understand the balance of contributing to the family income while spending more time with your loved ones. Our automated backend system means all you need to do is schedule and run your workshops, Jellybeanstreet take care of the rest.


What Others Say ?

Sarah Beth Roseth
Jellybeanstreet Creative Director

"This has been the most rewarding thing owning my own business. There is a small start up cost for licensing, but it sells itself. Everyone wants to be apart of this!""

Christina Page-Finley
Jellybeanstreet Creative Director

"I am so proud to be apart of this business. I love meeting all the little artists that come to my workshops. I get so excited everytime artwork sells from my workshops to support children's charities."

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