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Due to the global pandemic, our popular children's workshops have been on hold globally. With restrictions around the world starting to ease, we excited to say we are back. We are taking applications for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business that helps make a difference in the lives of children. Jellybeanstreet is Australia’s number one children’s social art business turning finger paintings into stunning pieces of fine art in support of children’s charities. Jellybeanstreet host fun children’s artwork workshops at local venues designed for children to make a mess and be creative. Our team of graphic artists then turn their innocent finger paintings into high quality modern art that is sold in our exclusive online gallery to raise money for children's charities.

Your Business

Join our growing team of entrepreneurs parents and run your own social art busines. Our team is made up of a creative network of mothers who support each other through family and business. Jellybeanstreet understand the balance of contributing to the family income while spending more time with your loved ones. Our automated backend system means all you need to do is schedule and run your workshops, Jellybeanstreet take care of the rest.

Parental Pride

Jellybeanstreet has recently been described on as "... an enterprise that has found a niche far beyond parental pride however with a secondary online market drawing corporate buyers from the primary domestic market to the UK, Russia and United Arab Emirates".


Host Art Workshops

Host social finger painting workshops for children

Set Your Hours

Host as little or as many workshops as you want.

No Experience Required

All training provided to get your business started.

Generous Commissions

Get payments for all ticket sales and artwork sales.

Global Support Network

Global support network of Jellybeanstreet entrepreneurs.

Help Children's Charities

Re-sales of artwork help support children's charities.

How You Get Paid

Ticket Sales

Receive 85% commissions from all ticket sales for your workshops.

Artwork Sales

Receive commissions on all artwork sales from parents at your workshop.

Ongoing Royalties

Receive ongoing royalties everytime your customer's artwork is re-sold to the public


Private Workshops

Host private workshops for birthdays, mother’s groups or corporate events.

The Master Pieces

What We Do

We Promote Your Workshops

We help promote your workshops to new and current customers

We Create The Art

Our graphic artists create the masterpieces for your customers to purchase.

We Sell The Art

We list and sell the children's artwork from your workshops in our exclusive gallery for sale.

We Print and Deliver

We manage all your orders from print to delivery to your customers.


"This has been the most rewarding thing owning my own business. There is a small start up cost for licensing, but it sells itself. Everyone wants to be apart of this!"

by Sarah Roseth (North Dakota - USA)

"I am so proud to be apart of this business."

by Christina Finley (California - USA)

"I get so excited everytime artwork sells from my workshops."

by Kelli Loughman (Darwin - Australia)

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Apply to join our team of Creative Directors and start your own licensed Jellybeanstreet business today. We are looking for fun and creative mothers who love to work with children.

Submit an application

Submit an application and an representative will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

Receive Your Licence

If successful, you will receive an exclusive Jellybeanstreet license for your zone

Meet your assigned Mentor

Meet your assigned Mentor who will guide you through starting your first workshops.

Schedule your first workshop

Schedule and run your first workshop in as little as 3-4 weeks and start earning money immediately.